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She's Not You

It's been a year since we've been through
I'm finally seeing someone new
In many ways she reminds me of my past
She likes to paint her toes in her bed
Reads books she's already read
I thought only you did things like that
She says things you'd say, does things you do
But I know deep down that she's not you

Her hair is long and blonde like yours
In summer it lightens more
I catch myself from calling her your name
She hates songs that make her cry
Can't stand a long goodbye
Sometimes I think you're both one in the same
Seems I've been here before, But I know the truth
I don't lie to me, she's not you

The years we spent together
Replay in my mind
Like the way you said it's over
When you left me for that other guy
You taught me a lesson
About the kind of girl I need
Now I know the one I found
Is just who I need her to be

I can trust her with my heart, I know her love is true
She's gonna stick around cause she's not you
She won't let me down...cause she's not you

© JD Dohnal/Shayne Hill
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Lyric Credits: JD Dohnal, Shayne Hill
Music Credits: JD Dohnal, Shayne Hill
Producer Credits: JD Dohnal, Shayne Hill
Publisher Credits:
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Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:16
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary