JD Dohnal
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2022 yearly update

Although unfortunately the word "Covid" still lingers around after 2 years, thankfully it hasn't affected business too much in 2021, and so far in 2022 things are looking great.  My band "Top Tier" still had cancellations, but thankfully most of those dates have been filled with other events.  Last year we traveled pretty extensively and played in some states we hadn't performed in previously.  I saw and enjoyed parts of the country and cool towns that I hadn't experienced before.  

The gig calendar is already quite full for the year and I continue to write a variety of musical styles for TV/film placements (and anywhere else they get used).  I finishing up 3 songs this month, that are all very different from each other, but I'm equally excited about all of them.  Thanks to all the publishers and music libraries that place my music and all the clients that book my band!   

Cheers to you all for a great 2022! - JD